Bobby Cappuccio – Professional Development, Sales
and How to Perform at Your Peak Level

“Bobby has the ability to captivate an audience, provoke thought and leave you feeling inspired to make a positive change.”

Abigail Foster –
Director, Fast Track

Bobby Cappuccio

“Peak Performance”

As the Former Director of Professional Development for the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM), Bobby developed strategies to assist professionals, trainers, managers and industry leaders to facilitate remarkable change in their businesses.

Bobby is an expert in business development, sales, retention, coaching, communication skills and behavior change.

Bobby is a bestselling author. His articles have appeared in publications around the world.

His style is inspiring and motivating yet hard hitting and direct. Bobby will help your people overcome their challenges and perform at a higher level.

An interview with Bobby Cappuccio.

Topic 1

Becoming Unstoppable 

All of us are similar in that we desire to be happy and fulfilled in our lives. We all want to be, have and do more.

Why then do so many people strive, yet never achieve their goals? Or worse, they never even take the first step toward their goals?

The answer lies in the fact that we are neurologically wired to avoid pain and danger and that self-preservation takes precedence over pleasure.

Our brains are far more powerfully wired for loss aversion than they are for goal attainment, especially long-term goal attainment.

In this program, Bobby explores how fear holds people back from being more productive, striving for more and even attempting to reach their goals.

Your audience will learn how to identify the conditioning that has limited them in the past and they will identify strategies that will enable them to overcome fear of the unknown and fear of failure so they can be more, do more and have a better quality of life.

Bobby grabs his audience’s attention with his stories and leaves them with knowledge they can immediately use to become more productive.


Topic 2

Influence for Business Success

This program will enable your people to build their business by persuasively presenting solutions for their clients. They’ll learn how to become more effective in their interaction with clients and prospects.

Bobby will help your people unlock the door to successful communication so they can increase their influence and persuasiveness, gain clients with less effort, and increase client loyalty by creating strong relationships based on trust and understanding.

Your people will discover how to use influence to become master motivators, establish a stellar reputation and get more business by identifying customers fears and desires.

Your people will learn how to use questions and effective listening to determine customers needs and how to present compelling and irresistible solutions to your prospects.

This program is filled with takeaways your team can immediately use to increase their effectiveness and build their businesses.



Partial Client List

24 Hour Fitness
Life Time Fitness
Gold’s Gym
Pure Fitness Asia
Fitness First Australia


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Bobby has a wealth of knowledge on peak performance, sales, and communication.

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