Ruben's Videos

“Ruben is a great speaker.
He’s real, he’s authentic
and he lived what he teaches.”

Dave Ramsey – National Talk Show Host

Highlights of Ruben’s Presentations

Success Principles that will Transform
Your People’s Performance.

(You’ll Want Your Family to Watch this Video.)




Ruben will Help You Reach Your Objectives

He’ll Move Your People to Commitment and Action for Your Goals

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 You’re Going to Like these Videos so Much
You’ll want Your Family to Watch them.


Full Motivational / Inspirational Presentation
for 2800 Dallas Teachers.


Think About This…

How many other speakers put their whole presentation on their website? 

Hardly any. Because most speakers have a couple of funny lines and a couple of good teaching lines in their whole presentation. If most speakers put their whole presentation on their website, they would never get booked. Ruben’s presentation is solid from beginning to end. That’s why we are proud to share it all with you.


Ruben will Tailor His Presentation Based on Your Needs

The Dallas School district in this video needed their teachers to remember that what they do is hugely important and they wanted them to be motivated and enthusiastic about the upcoming school year. Watch closely to see how Ruben seamlessly works those messages into his presentation. As you’ll see, Ruben’s gift is his ability to connect with his audiences in a genuine way.

In only 10-15 minutes on the phone with you, Ruben will be able to learn the theme of your event, your goal for your people, and the challenges that are keeping your people from achieving your goals. Then Ruben will share a couple of stories that would fit your needs.

Most importantly, in 10-15 minutes you’ll know if Ruben is the best fit for your event. Either way you win. 

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