Don Akers – Sales, Leadership and
Success Lessons
from the Boxing Ring

“You are unique in your ability to speak from experience. This program was excellent and brought my thinking to a deeper level.”

Susan Hildreth – 3M

Don Akers

“Confidence Under Pressure”

Don tells a real life Rocky Story of the US Olympic trials as a middle weight boxer and the secrets of success that apply to business and life. He shows people how to overcome fear, be more committed, and be more resilient when life throws it’s punches. 

It’s about challenge, obstacles and success through perseverance and effective strategy.

When it comes to grit, Don is the real deal. 

Don’s program is fast paced and entertaining. People get caught up in the story. And through Don’s story, they learn clear and effective communication strategies that get better results. People leave ready to work harder, try new things, and complain less.  

Don teaches from personal experience. He’s made 1000’s of telemarketing calls so he knows what works in telemarketing and how to explain it. Your people will be more motivated when they hear Don’s story and because they expect to get better results. There is nothing more motivating than results.

Don will get your people moving!

He’ll take them to another level.


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“I have seen all the top speakers; Zig Ziglar, Les Brown and Tony Robbins. Don Akers is one of the best!”

Keith Lindstrom –
CBS Affiliate KWGN TV

How Don helped Ruben
on the road to the Olympics.


Confidence Under Pressure

The ability to focus under pressure defines greatness. Learn how champions condition their minds to be at your best when it counts.

Olympic contender, Golden Gloves champion boxer, and Fortune 100 business expert Don Akers reveals how to overcome fear and create opportunity regardless of market trends.

Be on time! This one’s fast, funny and high energy! If you’re thinking “What could I possibly learn from an ex-boxer?” Don will blow you away.

Don’s insights are real, practical and immediately useful. He weaves entertaining, funny boxing stories with profound ideas to build your business and live more fully.

This program is more than unique, it’s completely different. Despite the boxing theme it appeals to ladies as much as men because it’s not about sports – it’s about life. Audiences leave feeling better about themselves, their struggles and the people they work with.

Easily customized for sales, leadership or customer service, this program is perfect for a group facing change, challenges or set-backs to overcome.

“After 25 years in sales you think you’ve heard it all. Don’s ideas about non-verbal communication are really unique and they make selling easier!”

Jim Peterson,
Sales Manager – Gases Plus

What Don Teaches

Start Where You Are
Start from where you are and take one step and then another. The only way to change is to do something. When we make the first step simple it’s easy to get going. We never succeed if we don’t get started.

Action Eliminates Fear
When our bodies are busy we can’t be afraid, it’s physiologically impossible. When we know what we want and get busy moving toward it, fear goes out the window. Develop fundamentals, skills, understanding and you’ll always have more choices that if you don’t. 

Purpose Overcomes Pain
Each of us comes onto this planet with something that we are meant to do to give our lives meaning. Finding this purpose and living for it is the secret to finding your unstoppable motivation. When your purpose is big enough, persistence is easy.

Commitment Creates Opportunity
Nothing in the world makes it easier to find opportunity than commitment. When we decide that no matter what, we are going to stay, we find opportunities that we didn’t now existed. People see our commitment, or lack of it, and we never know. Success comes to those who are absolutely committed to finding it.

One Step…. Then Another
The only thing we can control in life is ourselves. What we think and do is the key to all our success in life. Stop worrying about what might happen, or what the competition, the market or the other guys might think or do – you can’t control that. The only thing we can control is ourselves. Take responsibility for yourself, your actions and choices.

Look In The Mirror
Find someone you can trust in the mirror. Trust your intuition supported by your beliefs. Every success that you have, every opportunity that you receive will be the result of a choice made by the person you see in the mirror.


Partial Client List

Altavista Technology
American Wire Rope Fabricators
American Business Women
Dreams Retail
Dovetail Builders
Faure Herman
Gases Plus
Association of Health Underwriters
Independent Realtors Association
Houston Electric League
Independent Welding Distributors Coop
Loomis International
Members Trust Federal Credit Union
Meridian Capital
Merrill Lynch
National Assn of Credit Managers
Sales Professionals International
Shell Oil
Smith International
Southern California Pipeline Assn
Star Refining
UBS Paine Webber
Union Carbide
United States Welding
Wire Rope Corporation of America
Wyoming Association of Broadcasters
Wyoming Central Federal Credit Union


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