Easy to Work With.

“In the 18 years we have held this event,
in front of a total of 9000 people and
working with the highest level of speakers,
Ruben was one of the most down-to-earth,
easy-to-work with speakers we
have had the pleasure of welcoming.”

– John Paschall – President/CEO
Better Business Bureau, SE TX

Podcast and Radio Host Resources

Olympic Motivational Speaker Ruben Gonzalez

Thank You

I’m looking forward to being on your show. Thanks for the opportunity.

It’s my goal to make your podcast the best you’ve ever had.

This page is designed to easily get you everything you need to make your show a huge success. Please take a moment to bookmark this page for future reference.  

Make it an Olympic day!


PDF Files

Although I prefer an impromptu conversational style interview, I provide some optional questions to help podcasters think about where they might want to take the interview.

Optional Questions to Ask Ruben 

Ruben’s Introduction

Bio for Your Website


Topic Ideas

Our conversation can go in many different directions:

 – What I had to do to make it to the Olympics and how you can follow the same principles to reach your goals and dreams.

 – How I built my speaking business and wrote my bestselling books (hundreds of thousands actually sold in over 10 languages, not the fake overnight Amazon bestseller that’s so common these days).

 – Personal Development, Mental Toughness, Overcoming Challenges, Entrepreneurship,  etc.

– 10 Things you didn’t know about Ruben (great conversation fodder)

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Jerry Seinfeld on what
the Luge Must be Like

(It’s actually a lot harder than what Jerry thinks.)