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“Tom Fabbri’s philosophy is easy to follow yet powerful and inspiring.”

Forbes Riley – 
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Tom Fabbri
“Achieving Huge Goals”

Tom Fabbri teaches his audiences how to set course, survive life’s storms and reach their personal summits. He has not only dared to dream, but he’s mastered the art.

Tom’s list of accomplishments are many, including award-winning athlete, corporate helicopter pilot and private jet pilot, Mr. Natural Universe at age 52, culinary school graduate, mountain climber and bestselling author.

Tom’s a world-class adventurer. He is well on his journey to completing the Adventure Grand Slam which includes summiting the tallest peak on each of the seven continents and skiing to the North and South Poles.

Tom invites like-minded adventurers to join him on a quest to seek their best self by genuinely enjoying life, climbing their own personal mountains and achieving their personal and professional goals.


“Tom Fabbri offers the motivating message of how dedication, focus and persistence will help you discover your best self.”

Ruben Gonzalez –
Four-time Olympian



Embracing Obstacles and Overcoming Fear

There was a time in my life when I was homeless, living in my car. There was a time in my life when I was told I couldn’t become a pilot. There was a time in my life when I would have let my fear of heights stop me from climbing mountains….but I fought my way out of financial difficulty, I not only became a pilot, I became a captain, and I overcome fear every time I reach a summit of a mountain. Obstacles are part of our journey. They help us define who we truly are. Fear is the single most destructive force in our human psyche when it’s not used to our advantage. Fear can stop us from achieving our dreams and goals or fear can push us to rise above and accomplish anything. We make the choice.

Dream Bigger Dreams

We all have dreams. We may have forgotten those dreams as we entered adulthood and were told to take a different path than the one we dreamed of. I believe that it is never too late and that no dream is ever too big. The problem is we put limitations on ourselves and our dreams. We tell ourselves we can’t when we should be telling ourselves we can. What we tell ourselves determine whether we think small or think big. I didn’t start climbing mountains until I was 51 years old. I could have stopped after climbing one mountain, but I had a bigger dream. I decided I wanted to complete the Adventure Grand Slam, climbing the Seven Summits and skiing to the North Pole and skiing to the South Pole. I have already climbed five of the Seven Summits with my sixth in Antarctica in December 2016. I have lots more dreams to accomplish….bigger and better! Be bold and dream big!

Plan For The Journey

Every journey starts with a dream, a goal, and then a plan. It’s important to be specific about your goals and dreams; then ask the questions “what, when, why”. What are my dreams? What makes me happy? What would it take to make my dreams real? When do I want to accomplish this goal or dream? Why do I want to do this? It may be a short term goal or a long term one…it doesn’t matter. When I train for a climb or a bodybuilding competition, the steps to get there change along the way. The training in the beginning will look different from the training the closer I get to the goal, but the plan never changes. Preparation, hard work, sacrifice, and commitment all work together to get you to the top of the mountain…literally and figuratively!

Health Is Your Wealth

Wealth is meaningless without health. Good health and energy are essential to success. We pay the price of bad health while we enjoy the benefits of good health. The parallels between financial health and physical health are significant. Stress from one affects the other. I live my life with this philosophy that health IS my wealth . I can’t build my business, take care of my family, or do the things I love if I can’t get out of bed in the morning. Some say you aren’t wealthy until you have something money can’t buy. I believe health is the greatest wealth we can have…just ask anyone who has lost theirs.

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