Tracey Jones – Leadership Lessons
from the Air Force and Corporate America

“Tracey’s presentation of Sales Leadership to our management team was spot on. I recommend Tracey Jones to you without reservation.”

-Barb Roth,
VP HR & Marketing, AAA

Tracey Jones

“Tremendous Leadership”

Author of five books, Tracey C. Jones is the president of Tremendous Life Books.

An Air Force Academy graduate, former Air Force officer and Gulf War veteran, Tracey honed her operational expertise and leadership skills in a number of command roles.

In her ten years in corporate boardrooms, Tracey built an impressive career as a corporate “fixer.” When she talks about her own experiences, she paints with broad, exciting strokes – her clashes with company “old guards,” her battles with entrenched boards – all successful efforts to effect real, lasting change.

From decorated Air Force officer to her many roles in business and industry, Tracey has the background and knowledge to raise your organization to the next level of excellence.

7 Laws of Leadership Audio


The Seven Laws of Leadership 

You can be happy, involved, relevant, productive, healthy and secure in the midst of this high pressure, commercialized, automated, pill-prone society.

It’s possible through the development of certain personal qualities which make up the traits of leadership. And you can be a leader, because leaders are made, not born. 

Tracey shares the leadership lessons she learned from the Air Force Academy, from deployment in the Gulf War, from ten years in corporate boardrooms and from building a business.

How to develop and maximize your talent.

Why focusing on perfection can keep you from realizing your goals.

How to develop contingency plans and prepare for challenges.

How to put excitement into your work.

How to inspire and motivate your people.

How to create a winning culture, and more.


Partial Client List

Institute of Certified Professional Accountants
American Automobile Association
Construction Specifications Institute
The Kidney Foundation
Members 1st Credit Union
Bethesda Mission
Liberty Mutual
United Way 
American Society for Industrial Security
Central Penn College
Association of Fundraising Professionals

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