“Ruben’s message generated immediate action
and helped us excel as a company.”

George Chavel – CEO, Sodexo

Olympic Motivational Speaker Ruben Gonzalez
Olympic Motivational Speaker Ruben Gonzalez
Olympic Motivational Speaker Ruben Gonzalez

Incredible Story

At the age of 21, Ruben, decided to compete in the Olympics, took up the sport of luge, and 4 years later was racing for the Gold against the best in the world.

He went on to become the only person to ever compete in four Winter Games EACH in a different decade.

Using his strategy for creating fast results, he soon became a bestselling author, business consultant and speaker, helping corporations and associations around the world create and sustain business growth…fast.

He combined his success in business and in sports to create time-tested techniques to excel in these challenging times – to become unstoppable.

He takes people’s excuses away. He’s proof that ordinary people can achieve extraordinary things if they’ll follow a few simple steps.


“Ruben has a great story that provides a ‘can do’ recipe for his audience. He’ll take you on a thrilling 90 MPH ride of your life in his thought provoking presentation. Truly inspiring!”

Tim Henderson – Director of Sales – Comcast

The Power of a Dream




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He’ll Inspire Your People to Succeed

Ruben’s story of overcoming incredible challenges on the road to competing in four Winter Games goes right into the core of his audiences psyche, filling them with the inspiration and self belief they need to achieve their goals.

People walk out of Ruben’s keynote presentation knowing they have what it takes to achieve sustained success.


“Ruben’s story will inspire any audience. After listening to Ruben speak it would be difficult for an audience not to raise their their achievements.”

Tony Gordon – Past President 
Million Dollar Round Table

Eye Opening and Motivating

Ruben’s against-all-odds story will fill your people with the spirit of teamwork, commitment to excellence, and personal dedication they need to succeed.

He’ll open your eyes, engage your imagination and prompt you to think bigger and aim higher.

He’ll equip you to act more boldly as a leader and win more decisively as a competitor.

His story will renew the pride and dedication of everyone in your organization, from top executives to your newest employee.


“Sport stories have the power 
to change the world, they have a power 
to unite people that little else has.”

– Nelson Mandela

Olympic Motivational Speaker Ruben Gonzalez
Olympic Motivational Speaker Ruben Gonzalez

He Believes

Most people could achieve much more if they would
only learn and use some simple principles of success.

He Teaches

Universal principles used by the world’s most successful
 people to produce extraordinary results.

His Style is

Funny, down to earth, genuine and very motivational.
 Audiences are captivated by his passion, energy and realness.

He Wants

People to stop making excuses, start taking personal
 responsibility and start committing to their dreams and goals,
 so they will realize their potential.

His Program is

Unforgettable, fast paced, fun, and packed with information
 that will help your people achieve extraordinary results.
 His keynote is an experience your audience
 will NEVER forget. He’ll make you look great.

He Will

Motivate and energize your people. He’ll inspire your people to fall in love with your company. He’ll re-ignite and reenergize your people while fueling their passion so you’ll be more successful in the coming year.

“Ruben ignited our meeting. His message was right on target. It generated immediate action and helped us excel as a company.”

George Chavel – CEO, Sodexo

“Ruben made our Leadership Summit a great success. He is a model for setting high goals and having the drive and spirit to achieve them. Businesses with Sales or Leadership events could benefit tremendously by his story and his message.”

Doug Guthrie – Senior Vice President – Comcast

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