Olympic Motivational Speaker Ruben Gonzalez



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Imagine Hearing this from Your Attendees

“You were our best speaker ever! Your wonderful story resonates with people of all ages.”

Maryellen Reinhart – Special Olympics



“Ruben’s story relates to everyday situations. Thanks for sharing your gift and talent.”

Donisha Spicer – Marriott



“Ruben’s energy and zeal really lit the torch in my heart! Motivational, encouraging and funny!”

Jane Hudson – Health One



“This was a fantastic lesson on leadership for business.”

Caroline Basyn – CIO – Bacardi




“Ruben’s message is still resonating with me long after I heard him speak.”

Dianna Gould – Society of HR Mgmt (SHRM)



“Ruben did a phenomenal job at our sales kick off.”

Mariana Castro – General Manager – Microsoft



“We were captivated from the moment Ruben took the stage!”

Angelina Elizondo – VP – Xerox



“Ruben did an amazing job. He captivated every person in the audience.”

Paola Pernigotti – Alcatel Lucent