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Funny and Entertaining Videos

Don’t Call Yourself a Loser

What happened when Ruben told a professional boxing champ that he was a “luger.” After this hilarious story, Ruben goes on to talk about how your self-talk influence your subconscious mind and your beliefs.

Picking the Sport of Luge

Inspired by watching Scott Hamilton win the gold, Ruben goes to the library and gets a sports book to pick which sport he’ll compete in. This funny story illustrates why it’s important to base your plan on your strengths.

Don’t Let Anyone Steal Your Dream

Ruben calls Lake Placid to see if they will teach him how to luge so he can compete in the Calgary Winter Games. The man from the luge association tells Ruben he’s way to old to learn how to luge.

Inspirational and Motivational Videos

Making Winter Games History

After a 6 year retirement, Ruben’s coach calls him to try to convince him to start training for the Salt Lake City Winter Games. Ruben says he’ll only come back if coach agrees to teach Ruben’s younger brother the luge. The rest is history.

Catching the Dream

When Ruben caught the Olympic dream as a 10-year-old, he didn’t believe it was possible. His dad showed him what he could do to start believing in himself.

Overcoming Cancer to Win

The incredible story of a Hungarian bobsledder Ruben met at the Salt Lake City Winter Games. Why having a higher purpose will help you accomplish seemingly impossible things.

Olympic Motivational Speaker Ruben Gonzalez

Hard Hitting and Powerful Videos

Master Your Game

The first two years when Ruben was learning how to luge he was constantly crashing. But he kept at it. Everything is hard in the beginning. You have to decide to stay in the game long enough to learn the skills you’ll need to reach your goals.

Get a Coach or Mentor

How Ruben debriefs by walkie-talkie with his coach after every luge run and why Ruben never would have made it to the Winter Games without the help of his expert coach. Why it’s so important to follow have a mentor.

Jamaican Bobsledder Success Lesson

At the Calgary Winter Games, Ruben’s and the Jamaicans’ first, he met them and had a conversation with them. Ruben kept up with the Jamaicans’ progress over the years and he learned a powerful lesson from them.

Olympic motivational sales speaker Ruben Gonzalez



What it Really Takes to Win

Brian Lord, the President of Premiere Speakers Bureau interviews Ruben on success.


Ruben ignites and engages his audiences.

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