Inspiring Teachers to Turn Challenges into Opportunities

Through a Story They’ll Never Forget

Educational First Responders

Are your teachers worn out and discouraged?

Do they need to be reminded that their work is more important today than it’s ever been?

Teachers are education’s first responders. Their daily stress and grueling schedules causes too many of them to burn out and quit education.

There’s a solution.



Inspire and Equip Your Teachers and Staff 

As the first 4-decade Winter Olympian in history…

Ruben can help your teachers with proven strategies champions use to perform under pressure and to be resilient during challenging times.

Strategies your teachers can use to empower their students to be their best.


“You inspired and empowered our people
to turn challenges into opportunities.”

Ralph Marino – Superintendent, Hewlett-Woodmere Public Schools



How to Keep from Quitting

Your Focus Determines Your Experience



Meet Ruben

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Ruben’s incredible story:


  • Instills belief and hope,

  • Helps teachers become confident & resilient,

  • Reminds teachers WHY they got into education,

  • Inspires teachers to discover their greatness, and stay in education,

  • Creates a ripple effect of success in your school and district.

Olympic Motivational Speaker Ruben Gonzalez

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Let Ruben remind your staff about WHY they got into education and why their work truly changes lives. Ruben will show them how to be their best so they can give their students their BEST.



“You were our best speaker ever!
Your wonderful story resonates with people of all ages.”

Maryellen Reinhart – Special Olympics



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