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Leadership Gold – Becoming a Great Leader

When Ruben got started in the luge he thought he could do it all himself. Along the way Ruben realized that he would need help. He needed coaches, sled mechanics, doctors, chiropractors, financial assistance, etc.

He needed to learn some leadership skills and create a team of people. Ruben was able to create a Dream Team and by working through his team he was able to realize his dream.

Ruben believes top leaders are trustworthy and passionate about their mission, and they have a high level of Emotional Intelligence which allows them to truly connect with their people. Those attributes make people want to follow them and fight for the leader’s goals.

“This was a fantastic lesson on leadership. Ruben is a real example for us to follow as Business leaders.”

– Caroline Basyn – CIO – Bacardi


Your people will learn:

  • How to engage their teams.
  • How to communicate effectively as a leader.
  • How to use Emotional Intelligence to connect with their people.
  • How to get their people to take personal responsibility for their results.
  • How top leaders make quick and effective decisions.
  • How to become better leaders by teaching, coaching and mentoring their people.
  • How to connect with their people in a meaningful way.
  • How to achieve maximum positive impact with their teams.
  • Why perfectionists have trouble leading people.
  • How to use failure as a tool to become a better leader.
  • Why being open about your mistakes makes you a better leader.
  • How to turn success into significance.

Ruben on Leadership

Lots of people want to be the leader. Few people are willing to do what it takes to be the leader. Just like lots of people want to compete in the Winter Games but few people are willing to do what it takes to compete there.

The leader is focused 100% on their team and their goal.

They are constantly engaged. Constantly taking action, helping and teaching the people in their team. Willing to take risks.

Willing to outwork the competition. Willing to fail. Willing to do whatever it takes to get the job done. They don’t wait till everything is perfect.

They do what they can with what they have right now.

Olympic Motivational Speaker Ruben Gonzalez

Motivating Your People to the Top

Ruben has an incredible story.

He was always the last kid picked to play sports in PE. When he was 21 years old he decided he wanted to compete in the next Winter Games.

He lived in Houston at the time. Didn’t even know what snow looked like.

He went to Lake Placid, took up the sport of luge and four years and a few broken bones later he was competing in the Calgary Winter Games.

He went on to become the first person to ever compete in four Winter Games each in a different decade.

As he jokingly says, “It doesn’t mean he’s good, it just means he’s old!” He competed in the Vancouver at the age of 47. Everybody thought he was a coach! But seriously, his story takes people’s excuses away because he’s an ordinary guy who did some extraordinary things.

Your people will learn:

  • How to become a high performer.
  • How to tap into their greatest source of personal power.
  • How to crate a vision that will dictate their efforts and results.
  • How to become more productive by focusing on solutions and speed.
  • How taking responsibility for their results helps them win more.
  • How to simplify their lives by focusing on what’s important now.
  • How to commit to their goals.
  • How to achieve long-term success and balance.
  • How to turn success into significance.

“Ruben is an outstanding, accomplished and inspiring speaker. His story is one of the most compelling I’ve ever heard.”

– Guy Baker – President – Million Dollar Round Table

Leadership and Courage

Ruben uses his stories to seamlessly illustrate the points he makes. Imagine an entertaining and inspiring presentation filled with exactly what your people need to hear to succeed more. That’s what Ruben can do for you.



Believing in Yourself

Ruben will show your people how to develop a Champion’s mindset. Ruben’s stories entertain and inspire people and his points helps them be more successful.

Leadership Client Testimonials

“Your talk was superb. You helped our conference shine!”

– Daniel Ranta – Director, Knowledge Sharing – ConocoPhillips

“Ruben did a phenomenal job of bringing a message of hope to our associates.”

– David Erland – New York Life

“Ruben, you have inspired us all to reach new heights, and for that we salute you.”

– Kurt Ritter – General Marketing Manager – Chevrolet Motor Division

“Ruben’s message was insightful, motivating and inspirational. Ruben stands out a as a role model for all who have dreams and want to learn how to turn them into reality.”

– Neddy Perez – Shell Oil

“Ruben ignited our meeting. His message was right on target. It generated immediate action and helped us excel as a company.”

– George Chavel – CEO – Sodexo

“This was a fantastic lesson on leadership. Listening to ‘The story of your dreams and your life’ is a real example for us to  follow as Business leaders.”

– Caroline Basyn – CIO – Bacardi

“In the 20+ years I have been a member of NAHU, working with speakers during our annual meeting, I have heard and worked with some great ones – Terry Bradshaw, Steve Young, Joe Theismann, Mike Krzyzewski, Johnny Bench, and Lou Holtz to name a few.

After your terrific presentation last week I had many members come up to me and say you were the best they had heard. The long standing ovation you received is a testament to that. I also found you one of the easiest speakers to work with.

I strongly encourage anyone who needs a great speaker to consider Ruben Gonzalez!!”

– Robert Tretter – Former President – National Association of Health Underwriters 

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