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Sales kickoff speaker Ruben Gonzalez testimonial from Selling Power Magazine

Selling Like a Champion

Ruben sold copiers in downtown Houston for several years. He regularly speaks for sales kickoffs all around the world.

In addition to selling copiers, Ruben sold paper shredders. He tells a story about how he knocked on every door of every floor of every building in downtown Houston many times. The only building he could never get into was the Enron building because it had such tight security. He always wondered what was going on in there. Now that he knows, he thinks that he could have sold them a million dollars worth of paper shredders!

Sales kickoff speaker Ruben will inspire your people to take bold action.

IMPORTANT – Ruben doesn’t talk about sales techniques and closes. He talks about attitude, stick-to-ive-ness, and mental toughness. The things that it really takes to succeed in sales and in life. That way your people can continue using your sales systems more effectively.

Your people will learn:

  • How to sell uniquely from their competition.
  • How to become high sales performers.
  • How to gain a competitive sales advantage.
  • How to separate themselves from their competition.
  • How to commit to their sales goals.
  • How to keep moving forward while constantly improving.
  • How to consistently be at their best when selling.
  • How to connect and listen to people to sell more.
  • How to get and stay motivated to sell.

Sales kickoff speaker Ruben Gonzalez testimonial from AstraZeneca

“Ruben did a phenomenal job at our sales kick off.”

– Mariana Castro – General Manager – Microsoft



From Ordinary Sales to Extraordinary Sales

Ruben is proof that ordinary people can achieve extraordinary things if they follow a few simple steps. Ruben is funny, direct and on target. He’s on a mission to inspire and equip people to think differently, to take immediate action, and to produce better results. To achieve more than ever before.

Through his riveting stories and keen insights Ruben brings the Olympics to life.

His presentation is a  transforming, powerfully emotional experience. Truly an event.

Ruben’s story of his Olympic quest gives people hope and strength. His story moves people to commitment and action. After experiencing Ruben’s program, your people will know exactly what it takes to succeed in life.

Sales kickoff speaker Ruben will inspire and equip your people to take whatever they do to the next level.

Your People will Learn:

  • How to build confidence and destroy fear.
  • How to unleash their passion and drive.
  • How to unlock their full potential.
  • How to turn defeat into victory.
  • How to become more resilient.
  • How to reach their personal and professional sales goals.

“Ruben will fill your people with the intensity and desire to be their very best. Your company deserves to hear him and his message!”

Tom Hopkins – Author of “Mastering the Art of Selling”


Learning to Luge and Sales

Belief and Desire

Sales kickoff speaker Ruben Gonzalez will inspire your people to take bold action

Selling in Any Economy

Ruben uses his stories to seamlessly illustrate the points he makes. Imagine an entertaining and inspiring presentation filled with exactly what your people need to hear to succeed more. That’s what Ruben can do for you.



Attitude + Mental Toughness = More Sales

Ruben will show your people how to develop a Champion’s mindset. This video was shot at the Calgary luge track. Ruben’s stories entertain and inspire people and his points helps them be more successful.

Sales Client Testimonials

“Ruben teaches us that once we transform our fear into energy, we begin to transform our dreams into reality.”

Gerhard Gschwandtner – Founder and publisher Selling Power Magazine




“Ruben has a great Olympic story that provides a ‘can do’ recipe for his audience. He’ll take you on a thrilling 90 MPH ride of your life in his thought provoking presentation. Truly inspiring!

Tim Henderson – Director of Sales – Comcast



“Ruben joined our top 100 sales people for our annual sales celebration event and held them in rapt attention for 60 minutes plus another 20 minutes for questions and answers. He was the best presenter we’ve had for one of these events. Ruben is very effective. He is articulate, inspirational, and believable. His story is inspirational in that it causes us all to realize that we are all capable of accomplishments beyond what we might think. Our group found Ruben’s story applicable to their professional as well as personal lives.”

– Richard Bennion – Executive Vice President – HomeStreet Bank

“What Ruben articulates is a real life practical thought process that is simple to understand and applies to everyone. Developing goals and dreams is in every sales professional’s DNA. Ruben helped our sales team get past the fear of being successful.”

– Bruce Conner – Executive Vice President – xpedx, International Paper



“Ruben did a phenomenal job at our sales kick off. He made us laugh so much during his inspiring presentation, that we were all left wanting to hear more. I would highly recommend Ruben to anyone who is looking for an engaging speaker.”

– Mariana Castro – General Manager – Microsoft



“Ruben’s story and energy is priceless. We were looking for someone to lighten our sales meeting with energy, great story, that could be wound into the philosophy of success and successful Sales Cultures. Ruben delivered a Gold Medal for Our team. Everyone was riveted to his story and how he was bringing it all together in life, work and play! Totally awesome, highly recommend!

– Richard Dailey – VP Sales – Shamir Lens


“In the 20+ years I have been a member of NAHU, working with speakers during our annual meeting, I have heard and worked with some great ones – Terry Bradshaw, Steve Young, Joe Theismann, Mike Krzyzewski, Johnny Bench, and Lou Holtz to name a few.

After your terrific presentation last week I had many members come up to me and say you were the best they had heard. The long standing ovation you received is a testament to that. I also found you one of the easiest speakers to work with. I strongly encourage anyone who needs a great speaker to consider Ruben Gonzalez!!”

– Robert Tretter – Former President – National Association of Health Underwriters 

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Sales kickoff speaker Ruben Gonzalez speaking for 7500 MDRT members in Tokyo

Speaking for over 7000 insurance top achievers in Tokyo for the Million Dollar Round Table

“Ruben’s story of how an ordinary young man fulfilled his dreams of making it to the Olympics, in one of the toughest events, will inspire any audience.  After listening to Ruben speak it would be difficult for an audience not to raise their aspirations &, more importantly, their achievements.”

 – Tony Gordon – President, Million Dollar Round Table

“Ruben has one of the most compelling and on point messages I’ve ever heard presented to the Financial Services Industry.  Ruben WOWED our audience at a Million Dollar Round Table event. Attendees told us his presentation inspired them to pursue their goals with determination and dedication. More than just a motivator, Ruben’s story should be an inspiration to anyone who has thought about quitting, wondered if they were in the right business or feels like they are failing to reach their potential.”

– Guy Baker – President, Million Dollar Round Table

Sales kickoff speaker Ruben Gonzalez speaking for thousands of people in Reno
Olympic keynote speaker Ruben Gonzalez. Inspirational Olympic story. Motivation, leadership, sales speaker.


Over 100 Fortune 500 Clients in Five Continents

Sales kickoff speaker Ruben Gonzalez has spoken for over 100 Fortune 500 companies

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