Park City, Utah

Fly into Salt Lake City and spend four days and three nights in Park City, home of the Sundance Film Festival and Utah Olympic Park, site of many of the Olympic sports competitions in the Salt Lake City Olympics. 

Park City is beautiful western ski resort filled with galleries and fine restaurants. It’s known for the best powder skiing in the world.

It’s the ideal destination for winter pleasure, leisure and adventure.

Take Your Skiing to the Next Level by Learning from Olympic Ski Coaches

You’ll be taught by Olympic coaches using the same techniques they use to train Olympic athletes to win medals.

Our coaches take full advantage of the different terrain to help you experience and realize a whole new way of skiing mountains.

Our guest to coach ratio averages to 5:1 ensuring you lots of immediate feedback, focus and personal attention.

No matter what your ski level is, you’ll come out a more confident, competent, and capable skier.

And you won’t just learn – you’ll have more fun than you thought possible on two skis.

The Right Coach Makes a Huge Difference

There’s a world of difference between the typical mountain resort ski instructor and an Olympic ski coach.

Very few golf pros, club-level tennis instructors or ski instructors have a deep understanding of sports psychology, kinesiology or biomechanics. Consequently, although they mean well, many times they teach in a way that hurts their students.

It’s common for them to try to “justify” their hourly rate by constantly giving instructions – which only confuses and overwhelms their students.

Olympic and pro-level coaches understand that students and athletes of every level respond better to a teaching tempo that allows them to mentally relax and achieve a peak state of mind.

They understand that the words they use when explaining a concept to their students have the power to create positive or negative mental pictures. So every word out of their mouths is designed to elicit a specific outcome.

Plus, their knowledge of biomechanics and kinesiology allows then to understand how a change in foot position will create a chain reaction impacting the ankle, the knee, the hips and ultimately what the body does. So they teach in a simpler way that results in faster progress.

Slow is fast and fast is slow.

Watch the video where US Olympic Ski Coach Bill Baum explains how he coached Olympic athletes and Wounded Warriors.

Bill and his team are committed to help you reach a new level of skiing.

*** Watch this Video ***

Nagano Olympic US Ski Coach and National Ski Coach Bill Baum
on Coaching for Fast Improvement 

Passion for Excellence

Bill Baum was the US Ski Coach at the Nagano Olympics and US National Team Coach.

He’s worked with the US Navy, the US Marine Corps, General Electric and Allstate Insurance to help them with employee training and performance improvement using sports coaching techniques. 

He’s currently the Aerospace and Military Solutions Director for Stahlwille Tools.

Bill is a world class sports photographer. He works side by side with ESPN and National Geographic photographers on projects around the world including many projects for the US Olympic Committee.

As Head Coach of the Olympia Ski Camp, Bill and his team will help you catapult your progress so you can reach your skiing goals.

Stay in a Beautiful
Mountain Lodge

We limit the size of our groups to 8 to 20 people – big enough so there’s plenty of interaction and small enough so everyone can get to know each other.

Our guests are a very selective group – people with high standards, people who like to play as hard as they work. Who knows? You just might meet your next best friend or your next business partner.

You’ll stay in a beautiful mountain lodge minutes away from town.

The only rules are to relax and have fun. Casual is the name of the game. Wear your favorite pair of jeans and your most comfortable t-shirt. If you feel more comfortable dressing up, go for it. 

We just want you to enjoy yourself as you create unforgettable memories.

Improve Your Skiing as You Learn How to Be More Successful in Life

Discover the proven techniques that business leaders, world-class athletes, celebrities and high achievers use to propel themselves to incredible heights of personal achievement – and how to use these principles to dramatically improve results in all areas of your life.

Ruben will inspire, equip and empower you to reach your goals and dreams.

He’ll walk you through a series of experiential exercises that will help you identify the blocks that are holding you back from creating the life you truly want.

You’ll learn simple strategies you can implement immediately to start performing at a higher level in your professional and personal life and continue improving your results long after the retreat is over.

Learn how to align your goals with your passions and how to increase your self-confidence, focus, resilience and clarity, so you can easily get yourself to do the things you know you need to do to realize your goals.

Best of all, you’ll have a blast as you learn how to create an incredible life.



 We’ll tailor your Ski Camp
based on your preferences.

You can do nothing but ski
or we can mix in other activities.

Bobsledding, Snowmobiling, Biathlon, etc.






Bobsled Ride 
with Expert Drivers

Experience the “Champagne of Thrills,” a bobsled ride at the Olympic track.

Don’t worry, the expert drivers take safe lines down the track to make your ride more enjoyable. 

You might even get to meet Pat Brown, the original coach of the Jamaican Bobsled Team, who is one of the veteran drivers. 

This is a ride you will never forget. Truly a once in a lifetime experience.

Ruben and Pat Brown, the coach of the original Jamaican Bobsled Team.

Snowmobiling in the
Utah Back Country

Spend a whole morning, two full hours, snowmobiling in some of the most pristine backcountry in Utah – a 60,000 acre ranch up at 11,000 feet.

We’ll follow the guide through the woods to a large flat area where we get to snowmobile freely for twenty minutes. Snowmobiling in huge circles in this area makes you feel like a modern Ben Hur racing chariots.

Then we’ll go higher in the mountains to a section of bowls where you’ll get to snowmobile as hard as you like. You can climb up the bowls, hammerhead and fly down. You can really push the limits.

Or if you prefer, you can take it easy and enjoy the stunning views at a slower pace.

These bowls are amazing. Snowmobiling simply does not get any better than this.

Biathlon Experience

You’ll visit Soldier Hollow, site of the cross-country ski events and the biathlon competition. 

Spend the morning cross-country skiing the beautiful terrain and top it off with some friendly competition against the rest of the guests in a short shooting and skiing experience. 

You will be provided with high accuracy rifles, similar to rifles used during the Olympic Games. You’ll even wear bibs worn in the 2002 Olympics

The expert guides keep it easy and enjoyable for people of all fitness levels and ages.  Never skied before? No problem, in only 10 minutes you’ll be amazed at how well you do.

After this Olympic experience you will never view the Nordic Events in the same way.

“A must do while in Park City,”

– The New York Times

Behind the Scenes
Tour of the Luge Track
and the Ski Jump Tower

Ruben will give you a behind the scenes tour of the luge and bobsled track. 

Explore the place where Olympic dreams came true in 2002 and learn how aspiring Olympians train for future Winter Games. You’ll see where the athletes prepare for their events, the luge, skeleton and bobsled starts, and you’ll even get to visit the top of the ski jump tower.

You’ll be amazed by the size and scope of this venue. It’s bigger than life.

Olympic Museum

While in Utah Olympic Park you’ll get to visit the Olympic Museum.

This highly interactive museum really makes you feel like an Olympian through it’s incredible simulation exhibits.

See and feel the equipment Olympic athletes use. Lay on a luge or skeleton sled, see Olympic uniforms, torches and medals from Winter Olympics all the way back to the 1930s. 

One of the best Olympic Museums on Earth.

Chuck Wagon Dinner and Horse Drawn Sled Ride

Ride up the mountain in an old fashioned horse-drawn sleigh. Ride through the beautiful slopes of the Park City Mountains to a genuine mountain lodge. Enjoy a wonderful dining experience with live western entertainment before relaxing on your sleigh ride back down.

A special evening that will make you feel like you went back in time. 

Ruben and Aerial Skiing Olympian, Clyde Getty

Ruben and his children with Don Shearer,
WWII hero who survived being a POW
at “The Great Escape” camp.

Ruben and Devon Harris, member of the
original Jamaican Bobsled Team.


Meet Incredible People
and Leave Inspired
to Go for the Gold 

Ruben and his high achieving friends will entertain you with short presentations throughout your stay. 

There’s no telling who you might meet at one of Ruben’s retreats – Everest climbers, Astronauts, Military Leaders and heroes, Olympians, business leaders, Olympic coaches, etc.

The best part is you’ll be hanging around them in a relaxed, laid-back atmosphere where you can really get to know them.

You’ll see for yourself that they are all ordinary people who achieved the extraordinary. 

After this retreat you’ll be charged up and inspired to achieve more in everything you do.


Ruben and his son Gracen, with Shuttle Astronaut Leroy Chiao, and Shuttle Astronaut / Everest Climber Scott Parazynski.

Ruben with NBA Hall of Fame
and Utah Jazz star Mark Eaton 

Ruben with Shuttle Astronaut Jeff Ashby and
US Olympic Ski Coach Bill Baum.

Indulge yourself. You deserve it.

An extraordinary Ski Camp for extraordinary people.







Treat yourself. You’re worth it.

 An Adventure-filled Experience
that will Leave You Transformed.

Come Join us! 

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