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Olympic Motivational Speaker Ruben Gonzalez
TED talk by TED speaker Ruben Gonzalez. A leadership TEDx talk that will help you achieve your goals faster.

How to Get to the Top 

What could you learn about determination, leadership, self-motivation, and commitment to your goals from someone who’s competed in sport’s biggest arena?

Ruben has the unique ability to inspire confidence, courage, and hope in people… to translate racing downhill, into outstanding results.

He’ll have your people screaming down the hill at 90 MPH, taking a turn wrong, breaking bones, and still finding the way to get back up and do it again!

Join the countless corporations and organizations around the world that have experienced Ruben’s incredible motivational keynotes.

How to Stay at the Top

Has your team made it to the top? Is your team struggling to make it to the top? Better yet. Have they made it to the top but just have trouble staying there?

Finally, your people can learn about long-term success from someone who’s actually lived it…

Talk about longevity. Ruben competed in four different Winter Games. World class in four different decades!

When Ruben competed in the Vancouver Winter Games, at the age of 47, he become the first person EVER to compete in four Winter Games in four different decades. Now THAT’S longevity.

Ruben’s found the formula for sustaining success. As your people listen to Ruben’s story, they’ll learn what it really takes to get to the top and more importantly, once they are at that level, how to sustain it year in and year out.

Best of all, Ruben’s program is completely original. You won’t hear him retelling the same old worn out stories you hear from speakers who have not lived what they teach.

“Ruben’s presentation inspired me to continue to believe in my goals and in what I can achieve. Fabulous. Bring him back!”

Marla Seargeant – Urum Provident Insurance

“The best speech I’ve ever heard. I feel totally motivated. Very inspiring. Loved every minute! Great examples. You really have a great gift.”

Nancy Cobb – Nu Skin

“Your fire and passion is incredible. You gave me many things to think about and to act upon. You are a powerful and engaging speaker. Thanks for sharing your time with us.”

Chris Severs – University of Houston

Don't Leave Your People's Success to Chance

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