Will there be a Movie about Ruben’s Story?

People ask Ruben all the time, “How come there’s not a movie about your story?”
Ruben has a inspiring screenplay he’s shopping out to the biggest directors in Hollywood.
Hopefully one day soon you’ll be able to see it on the big screen.

The Winter Games were a Million-to-One Shot.

The “Rocky” of the Winter Games

“Speedy” is a gritty true life story about the pursuit of an impossible dream while seeking authenticity and redemption.

A 21-year-old, second-string soccer player from Houston battles fear, naysayers and serious injury when he takes up the sport of luge with dreams of becoming an Olympian. He makes history after facing death in the world’s fastest luge track.

Ruben’s story of overcoming incredible challenges on the road to competing in four Winter Games over the span of four decades goes right into the core of audiences psyche, filling them with the inspiration and self belief they need to face life’s challenges.

 “Ruben’s story will inspire you to fight for your dream.” 

  Lou Holtz – Notre Dame Football Coach


“Ruben will inspire you to pursue your dream, equip you to get through the struggle, and encourage you on to victory!”

Rudy Ruettiger – Inspiration for the movie “Rudy”

 “Adventure, determination, danger, perseverance – this is an unbelievable story! 
Ruben is truly invincible!” 

  Vince Papale – Inspiration for the movie “Invincible”

“This is an unbelievable story! Motivating and inspiring.”

Devon Harris – Original Jamaican Bobsled Team member – “Cool Runnings”

“Speedy” is an Experience
Movie Audiences will Never Forget.

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