Ruben has created a simple and easy way to keep your team focused and engaged on hitting their goals long after your meeting is over.


Welcome to the Becoming Unstoppable System

A 60 week video series designed to help your team develop the habits
that lead to better performance and higher productivity.



“If you listen to Ruben speak, your life will change for the positive!”

Lou Holtz – Notre Dame Football Coach



“Ruben hits you with the absolute truth about what it takes to succeed in the real world.”

Jim Rohn – Tony Robbins’ Mentor

Each weekly video teaches your team the same strategies and principles Ruben used to become a four-time Olympian and a successful businessman.



Commitment to Excellence

Resilience and Grit

Confident Attitude







Mental Toughness

High Achievement

Goal Setting




Self Talk

Sample Weekly Lessons

The 2-4 minute weekly videos motivate your team to stay focused on constant improvement. 
The weekly questions help your people apply what they learned so they can be more productive.

Taking Responsibility to Take Charge of Your Life

When you make a decision to take responsibility for your results, everything changes. All of a sudden you feel in control, confident, strong, and ready to win. You feel the exhilaration of the challenge ahead. You feel great. 

People that don’t take responsibility for their results whine, complain, feel out of control and feel like victims. They feel awful. 

Winning in business and in life isn’t about what happens to you. It’s about how you handle it. 

Take responsibility and watch your life change. 

Commit to Excellence

When you make a decision to become the best you can be in your field, the rewards more than make up for the effort.

Anyone can make a decision to become an expert in their field. Think about it, everyone who is now an expert was once just getting started. 

You can change. You can improve. You can do more. You can hold yourself to a higher standard than your competition. When you do, you’ll quickly run ahead of the pack. So meet with the top producers in your field and start learning the skills that will tae you to the top.

Walking Your Talk

There’s a shortage of people who get things done. People who get results. That’s an opportunity for you. An opportunity to move up.

The way to do it is by being willing to take massive action. Successful people are active. They don’t waste time. They have a sense of urgency about them.

Don’t wait for conditions to be perfect. They never will. Take action. Get moving. Do something. If you don’t, you’ll regret it and you’ll be filled with stress. Stress comes from not doing the things you know you should be doing.

Once you start taking action you’ll feel great because action produces confidence. So get started. Get going. Become a person of action and change your life.


How to Become a Better Leader

When I got started in the sport of luge I was a cocky 21 year old. I thought I could do it all by myself. Before long I realized that I would need a lot of help. So I learned some leadership skills and created a support team.

Leaders always accomplish more than lone wolves.  Passion and integrity are two things that will help you become a better leader.

If you’re passionate about your mission, you’ll attract people who are like minded. When you are passionate, other people can see your commitment. Integrity is important because without integrity, even if people follow you, they won’t follow you for long. The best way to become trustworthy in other people’s eves is to always under promise and over deliver.

If you get passionate and you’re trustworthy, you’ll be a better leader and you’ll be able to accomplish great things.


The Olympic Attitude – Whatever it Takes

If you believe something is possible and if you are willing to do whatever it takes, you will be able to hit your goals. 

In order to hit your goals you have to be willing to go for it, and you have to be willing to do whatever it takes. Whatever you might be asked to do to get results. No excuses.

Whatever it takes is a high level of commitment. A promise to yourself that you are willing to continue pursuing your goal no matter what the consequences. 

It’s an attitude thing. An attitude that will turn you into a champion.


Ruben will inspire, equip and empower your people to become more productive.

How to Fuel Your Desire to Win

Desire is what keeps you going when the going gets tough. 

The Power of What You Say

Your self talk is a knife that cuts both ways. Learn how to use it to win more.

Use Your Strengths

The world’s most successful people are not well rounded. They focus on how to use their strengths to become more effective. 

Successful People Set Goals

Setting goals allows you to focus on what’s important and helps make the most of your time.

Game Plans for Success

You need to know where you are and where you want to be. Then you base your plan on your strengths.

How to Get Yourself to Take Action

Most people have a lot of fire power but no trigger finger. Action is where the rubber meets the road.

How to Manage Risk

You can’t eliminate risk, but you can reduce it to a point where you can confidently take action.

How to Become Committed to Your Goals

Most people work from a state of wishful thinking. Champions are committed to fight for their goals.

How to Turn Defeat Into Victory

Success is not easy. Champions don’t get discouraged by their defeats. Rather, they learn from their defeats and become stronger than ever before.

How to Become Self Motivated

Champions don’t wait for someone else to motivate them. They use simple techniques that condition their minds to be hungry and driven.

How to Succeed when Conditions Change

Champions understand that change is a blank slate. A chance to pass their competition. Champions quickly adjust to change and take quick action.

From Reactive to Proactive

Successful people take charge. They make things happen. They put a dent in their environment. They are disruptive and action oriented.

Your people will be consistently reminded of their commitment to excellence as they learn the principles of success.

“If you listen to Ruben speak, your life will change for the positive!”

Lou Holtz – Notre Dame Football Coach

“Ruben hits you with the absolute truth about what it takes to succeed in the real world.”

Jim Rohn – Tony Robbins’ Mentor

 “Ruben will inspire you to pursue your dream, equip you to get through the struggle, and encourage you on to victory!”

Rudy Ruettiger – Inspiration for the movie “Rudy”

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Olympic athletes are intensely focused and committed on their goals. They constantly train to improve their performance. They develop mental toughness so they can be resilient when they experience challenges and setbacks. 

The Becoming Unstoppable System was created by Ruben Gonzalez to teach your people the same techniques and strategies he learned as a four-time Olympian so that they can apply these skills both at work and personally.

This weekly video series will help your people to stay accountable to their goals and inspire them to develop the courage to win big in business and in life.

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