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Why Ruben?


Olympic Motivational Speaker Ruben Gonzalez

1 – You’ll Get an Incredible Story with a Powerful Message

Ruben’s an outstanding storyteller with an incredible story. He delivers an idea-packed, energizing and humorous program that not only informs, but inspires people to take action.

Your audience will laugh and be entertained as they learn proven success principles anyone can use to obtain maximum results. Your people will learn insights that will help them gain a competitive advantage both in their career and in life. Insights that will help transform their workplace performance.

“Adventure, determination, danger, perseverance. This is one unbelievable success story! Motivating and inspiring!”

 – Stephen Covey

Olympic Motivational Speaker Ruben Gonzalez

2 – Your Organization will Become More Productive

After listening to Ruben’s remarkable story of success against all odds, your people will believe more in themselves, which will lead to them taking more action and showing more initiative. More action leads to better results and better sales, which in turn will make your people feel better about themselves. Overall, what you’ll see after bringing Ruben to speak for your group will be better morale and higher productivity and performance for your organization.

“Ruben’s incredible story inspires people to be their best. Bring Ruben to speak for your organization and he will give your team a powerful takeoff.”

Howard Putnam – Former CEO Southwest Airlines

Olympic Motivational Speaker Ruben Gonzalez

3 – You Get an Experienced, Entertaining, and Funny Speaker

Ruben has diverse experience in working with all sizes and types of audiences from small sales groups to delivering major keynote programs to audiences of thousands. Ruben’s dynamic, enthusiastic and genuine style allows him to easily connect with CEOs, senior management, entrepreneurs, salespeople, support and front-line staff.

“Ruben’s story will inspire any audience. After listening to Ruben speak it would be difficult for an audience not to raise their their achievements.”

Tony Gordon – Past President Million Dollar Round Table


Olympic Motivational Speaker Ruben Gonzalez

4 – You Get a Peak-Performance Expert with a Great Sales Background

Let’s face it. The speaking circuit is flooded with theorists. People who have textbook knowledge but no practical knowledge. Then, there are the successful celebrity speakers who can’t explain how they became successful.

Over the last 30 years, Ruben has read hundreds books on success, sales, psychology, personal development, and peak-performance. Then, Ruben applied his knowledge to create incredible success in several fields. Because Ruben has been a student of success for 30 years, he can explain the principles of success to his audiences. He breaks the success principles into easy to follow steps. His achievements give him the credibility he needs to get his audiences to buy into his success principles.

“Ruben has a unique ability to motivate and challenge his audiences. His compelling story provokes us all to set and reach lofty goals!”

Jack Canfield – author of The Success Principles

Olympic Motivational Speaker Ruben Gonzalez

5 – You’ll Get an Author Who’s Work is Endorsed by the Leading Experts in Personal Development

Ruben is the author of several books including the critically acclaimed book “The Courage to Succeed,” which has been endorsed by Stephen Covey, Ken Blanchard, Zig Ziglar, Brian Tracy, Denis Waitley, and many other personal development experts.

“Ruben’s story of hard work, dedication and commitment – leading to success in the greatest competition in the world is  inspiring and uplifting!”

– Brian Tracy 

Olympic Motivational Speaker Ruben Gonzalez

6 – You’ll Get a Celebrity Speaker who Co-Stars in the Full-length Feature Film “Pass It On”

Ruben was invited to share his personal experience in the movie “Pass It On,” along with several of the world’s top success experts including Brian Tracy, Denis Waitley, and former CEO of Southwest Airlines Howard Putnam. “Pass It On” is a ground breaking film about how anyone can change their personal or professional life by following universal success principles.

“Your talk was superb. You helped our conference shine!”

Daniel Ranta – Director, Knowledge Sharing ConocoPhillips

Olympic Motivational Speaker Ruben Gonzalez

7 – Most Importantly, Your People will Relate to Ruben

Ruben is a common man who accomplished some uncommon things.

He realized his Winter Games dream in spite of not being a great athlete. In fact, all his life when kids were picking teams in P.E., Ruben was always the last kid picked.

This is critically important, because your audience will relate to Ruben much more than they would relate to someone like Michael Jordan or Tiger Woods. If someone like Michael Jordan or Tiger Woods spoke to your people, subconsciously your audience would think, “That stuff will work for THEM, but it won’t work for me.” However, after Ruben’s program, people think, “If THAT guy could make it to the Olympics three times, then I can do anything!”

Ruben’s incredible story takes people’s excuses away. People actually buy into what Ruben says because they can relate to him. And isn’t that what you want? For your people to start applying some proven success principles so they can be more productive and get better results?

“Everyone needs to hear your message. Thank you for coming to Cheyenne, sharing your story, providing inspiration, and making our event special.”

Rick Kaysen – Mayor of the City of Cheyenne

“In the 20+ years I have been a member of NAHU, working with speakers during our annual meeting, I have heard and worked with some great ones – Terry Bradshaw, Steve Young, Joe Theismann, Mike Krzyzewski, Johnny Bench, and Lou Holtz to name a few.

After your terrific presentation last week I had many members come up to me and say you were the best they had heard. The long standing ovation you received is a testament to that. I also found you one of the easiest speakers to work with.

I strongly encourage anyone who needs a great speaker to consider Ruben Gonzalez!!”

– Robert Tretter – Former President – National Association of Health Underwriters

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