How to Get Where You Want to Be book


Autographed copy of the book.

This is the ideal bathroom book both for adults and kids. Open it anywhere and learn simple ways you can use to achieve your goals.

This list of some of the chapter titles will give you a feel for the breadth of this book.

Part 1 – The Success Principles

52 Key Principles Top Achievers Use to Win 

Part 2 – How to Make This Your Best Year Ever 

Over 100 Tips to Help You Develop a Winning Mindset so You can Realize Your Goals Faster 

Part 3 – You Can Do It!

How to Win the Gold Medal in Your Own Life
How to Get Yourself to Boldly Pursue Your Goals
How to Get Started on the Way to Your Dream
How to Keep Small Thinkers from Stealing Your Dream
How to Create Momentum and Achieve Your Goals 

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“If you read Ruben’s books or listen to Ruben speak, your life will change for the positive!” 

 – Lou Holtz – Legendary Notre Dame Football Coach Author of “Winning Every Day”

“Ruben’s books are filled with excellent advice. Apply their teachings and watch your life change!” 

– Ken Blanchard – Author of “The One Minute Manager”

“Ruben hits you with the absolute truth about what it takes to succeed in the real world.”

 – Jim Rohn – Tony Robbins’ Mentor 


“Ruben will inspire you to pursue your dream, equip you to get through the struggle, and encourage you on to victory!” 

 – Rudy Ruettiger – Inspiration for the movie, “Rudy”

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