The Courage to Succeed book


Autographed copy of the book.

What could you learn from an Olympian about how to develop the focus, discipline, confidence and courage you need to achieve your goals?

Learn time-tested ways to:

  • Build confidence and destroy fear
  • Unleash your passion and drive
  • Unlock your full potential
  • Turn defeat into victory
  • Achieve your life ambitions
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Part 1 – Against All Odds 

Acting in Spite of Your Fear 
You Will Only See It When You Believe It 
How to Raise Your Self-Belief Level 
The Driving Force Behind Success 
How to Develop an Unstoppable Will 

Part 2 – How to Become Unstoppable 

How to Discover Your Dream and Purpose 
How to Use Your Creativity to Win More in Life 
How to Use Goals to Get what You Desire 
How to Condition Your Mind to Succeed 
How to Benefit from Other People’s Success 
How to Succeed When Conditions Change 
How to Manage and Minimize Risk 
How to Develop the Courage to Succeed 
How to Create Extraordinary Results

Part 3 – Stories That Will Help You Win 

How to Design Your Own Life 
How to Make Your Own Luck 
How to Turn Defeat into Victory 
How to Build a Dream Team 
Using Success Principles to Create a Better Life

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