Most successful people have something very important in common. Somewhere along the line, they made a decision to commit to becoming the best they could be in their field. They committed to excellence.

They realized that if they became the best in their field, the rewards would more than make up for the effort. So they made a decision to pay the price, do whatever they could, and make any sacrifice to become an expert in their field.

Once they acquired the skills and knowledge, which anyone can do, they started earning many times what the average people in their field were earning.

No matter where you are today, you can make a decision to commit to becoming the best. You can do it.

Remember, everyone who is now an expert in their field was once only getting started. They just made a decision, learned the skills, and started taking action.

It won’t be easy but it’s doable. It’s possible. And the rewards make it more than worthwhile. You can change. You can improve. You can be better. You can do more. We all can. You can learn the skills that will propel you to the next level. It’s just a decision away.

Once you make the decision to increase your skills and knowledge on the road to becoming an expert in your field, you will quickly move ahead of the pack. It will feel like you are running a race without competition because hardly anyone else even thinks of making that kind of commitment.

Ask yourself: what knowledge and skills do I need to master to become the best in my field? What would I have to know?

If you don’t know, go to the experts in your field and ask them. They will help you if they see you are committed to excellence.

I’m constantly meeting with the experts in my field to learn what I need to do to win more. It’s a never ending journey because there’s always more we can do. It keeps my work ever changing and extremely interesting.

If you find an arena that you are suited to play in and commit to excellence, people will be amazed with how much you accomplish in your lifetime.


Olympic Motivational Speaker Ruben Gonzalez