Back when I was in grade school, my dad encouraged me to study the lives of successful people. He said, “Success leaves clues. Read biographies and you’ll figure out what works in life.”

I’ve been a student of success ever since. I’ve read countless biographies and I’ve found them all to be very similar. They are all the story of someone that had a dream, faced a struggle, and finally had a victory. Dream, struggle, victory. Dream, struggle, victory and then someone decided to a book about them.

We all have dreams. What made those people different is they had the guts to take action. The dream was a call to action – an inner longing to strike out on an adventure. They chose to heed the call and take the journey.

Choosing to take the journey takes courage. And staying the course to victory takes courage and perseverance. That’s why we admire people who go for it. Because they have the heart of a champion and the adventurous spirit of winners.

Something life-changing happens when you decide to take the journey. If you refuse to quit, you will inevitably find you have hidden resources and abilities within you. You find out what you’re made of.

You ALWAYS win by taking the journey. The journey transforms you. Who you become is the true purpose of the journey.

Face your fear. Take the journey. Heed the call. Bite off more than you think you can chew. Do it now! You’ll never be the same.


Olympic Motivational Speaker Ruben Gonzalez