“Dream as if you’ll live forever. Live as if you’ll die today.”

– James Dean

The most successful people in the world are risk takers. As soon as the see an opportunity, they move quickly and make something happen. They have a special quality that sets them apart from less successful people. They take initiative in everything they do.

Successful people accept responsibility and take action when they see something needs to be done. They move quickly. They don’t suffer from paralysis of analysis. They just do something. Anything that will get them closer to their goal.

By taking action – massive action – they build momentum and soon good things start to happen. One of my business mentors likes to say, “Most people need to think less and act more.” Another of my mentors always says, “Done is better than perfect.” Another way to say it is – implement now, perfect later.

Management guru Tom Peters says, “If you want to succeed, be willing to fail. To succeed big, be willing to fail big. To succeed fast, be willing to fail fast. He’s absolutely right.

Successful people are willing to try different approaches to reach their goal. They are not worried about failing. They are just focused on the result. They just throw mud on the wall knowing that if they throw enough, some of it will stick.

They never focus on the approaches that didn’t work. There’s no time for that. Wallowing with self pity is for losers. Winners simply learn from their mistakes and quickly try a different approach.

The faster they move, the more energy they have. The more different things they try, the more likely they are of succeeding. They make a game out of it. And they never take their focus away from the goal. Their attitude is – there is always a way. I will find a way. I will succeed.

A national survey of octogenarians revealed that their biggest regret in life was not having had taken enough risks. Think about that! What they’re saying is they realize they did not live life to the fullest and they missed out. When you turn eighty you don’t want to have that regret. So go for it. Take a chance. Do something. You’ll be glad you did.


Olympic Motivational Speaker Ruben Gonzalez