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Jonathan Edwards

Whom you associate with will determine what habits you acquire and your habits determine your results. Believe it or not, whom you associate with could have an effect for generations.

A few weeks ago at church, our preacher was talking about how the choices we make could influence our descendants’ lives.

He kept going back to an example of two guys (Max Jukes and Jonathan Edwards) who lived in New England in the 18th century and how the choices they had made (including whom they associated with) made a huge impact for four generations and thousands of descendants.

Max Jukes had a drinking problem that kept him from holding a steady job. It also kept him from showing much concern for his wife and children. He would disappear sometimes for days and return drunk. Max Jukes chose a life of unprincipled behavior and crime.

Among his 1200 descendants were:

• 440 lives of outright debauchery
• 310 paupers and vagrants
• 190 public prostitutes
• 130 convicted criminals
• 100 alcoholics
• 60 habitual thieves
• 55 victims of impurity
• 7 murderers

Jonathan Edwards is regarded as one of the most brilliant an influential men of American history. He was a gifted pastor and exceptional theologian. Edwards’ preaching ignited the flame that led to the Great Awakening, and he later served as the president of Princeton College.

Among his male descendants were:

• 300 clergymen, missionaries, or theology professors
• 120 college professors
• 60 doctors
• 60 authors
• 30 judges
• 14 college presidents
• Numerous giants on American industry
• 3 U. S. congressmen
• 1 vice-president of the United States

And one incredible Winter Olympian! A guy who helped me compete in the 2002 Olympics.

Are you associating with the type of people that will lead you to make positive choices and create an awesome life and an awesome legacy or are you associating with the type of people that will lead you to a life of mediocrity? It’s your choice!


Olympic Motivational Speaker Ruben Gonzalez