Olympic motivational speaker Ruben Gonzalez

Olympic motivational speaker Ruben Gonzalez

It’s easy to look back and see where you might have done something differently. As long as you are looking for ways to improve your performance, it’s OK to look back. But don’t waste time second-guessing yourself. Your past results are based on your past experience. If things don’t work out, use your new experience to get better results next time.

At the end of every luge run we pick up a walkie-talkie and get feedback from Coach. The feedback is rarely fun to listen to but it’s hugely important. In a few seconds Coach tells us how we can be faster next time. And in the evening after dinner, we watch videos of our runs to see for ourselves what we did and how we can improve.

We don’t dwell on our mistakes. We look to the future and have a plan for the future. That’s how you can have constant improvement.


Olympic Motivational Speaker Ruben Gonzalez