Olympic motivational speaker Ruben Gonzalez

Martin Kove, the evil Sensei from “The Karate Kid”

I was just in Cancun speaking for Evolution International, a fitness and wellness company. One of the other presenters was Martin Kove, the actor who played the evil Sensei that ran the militant dojo in the movie “The Karate Kid.” Martin was telling me that even 20 years later, The Karate Kid is still the number one summer youth film.

Martin still directs and acts in movies, in fact he’s involved in a dozen projects this year alone. One special thing Martin is working on is in fighting bullies in middle schools across America through his organization Bully Safe USA. He does presentations in schools where he uses clips from The Karate Kid to show kids the harmful effects of bulling.

Martin explains that in every bullying situation there are usually three sets of people: the bully, the target person, and the witnesses.

Martin explained that each of the above people can do something to stop bullying from happening…

If you are the bully….STOP BULLYING!
If you are the target…Stand up for yourself! (if you do, most of the time the bully will stop at that point)
If you are the witness…Stand up for others.
Simple stuff that works!


Olympic Motivational Speaker Ruben Gonzalez