What do you say to yourself when market conditions or your work or home conditions change? Do you see change as a good thing or as a bad thing?

One of my old success audios says, “Success is about change – not challenge.” I was never sure about what that meant, until one day when I was playing racquetball with my good friend Todd Guest.

Todd is Chief Accounting Officer of an energy company based in Houston. Todd was killing me on the racquetball court. Todd has this powerful slam serve that I just couldn’t return. He was scoring all these easy points and he beat me the first three games straight.

I started to feel frustrated; then sorry for myself; and finally, mad. My anger caused me to completely change my game. I unconsciously transformed my style from a finesse game, to a speed and power game. I won the fourth game handily, and Todd said “Looks like you made an adjustment and it worked.”

We took a short break to get some water and started talking about success, change and how it is so important to make an adjustment when you’re not getting the desired results. Todd used his son as an example.

Todd’s oldest son Kyle is a very good baseball player. Kyle’s been playing on All Star baseball teams for as long as I can remember. We were talking about Kyle’s success in baseball and Todd pointed out how successful baseball hitters constantly adjust to different pitchers and different circumstances. The same is true in any sport. Watch any tennis match and notice how one player wins the first set, then the other player adjusts and takes the second and so on.

The same is true in luge. You need to be ready to adjust to changing weather conditions and to changes in track conditions. The quicker you adjust, the better off you are.

Conditions change constantly – at work, in the marketplace, at home, in school and in life. When conditions change you have two choices. You can get bitter or you can suck it up, make an adjustment and get better. Success is about change not challenge. Those who adjust first usually overcome the obstacle and are more likely to win.

Do you accept change? If you do, you need to stop. Accepting change is putting up with change. If you are only accepting change you still have a bad attitude and you’ll never be your best if your attitude is negative.

Start embracing change. Start welcoming change. Because changing conditions make you better at whatever you do.

Changing conditions give you a chance to shine because whenever there is change, whoever adapts first wins. Change keeps the game interesting. Start praying for change. It gives you a chance to shine.

I’d like to tell you that I went on to win the fifth racquetball game, but Todd adjusted to my power game and won the last game. Todd, I’ll get you next time.

Embrace change. Welcome change. Look at change as an opportunity to surpass your competition.