Olympic motivational speaker Ruben Gonzalez

(Sept 2006)

Dave Ramsey, author of “The Total Money Makeover”

I got to spend some time with Dave Ramsey a few weeks ago in Phoenix when we were both speaking for Tom Hopkins’ Sales Bootcamp. Both Dave and his wife Sharon are great people. Real, down to earth, and completely unpretentious.

Since meeting Dave, I’ve been reading all his books and have started to apply the principles he teaches:

One by one in order…

Save up $1000 in an emergency fund,
Pay off all your credit cards off and cutting them (start with your smallest one)
Save 3-6 months worth of expenses,
Invest 15% of income in pre-tax retirement funds,
Save for your kid’s college fund,
Pay off your home early,
Finally, build wealth through wise investments.
Dave teaches not to go into the next step until you have accomplished the previous step. It’s all explained in detail in his books. The result of building financial security through these steps is lower stress and a much happier home life.

His nationally syndicated radio show is terrific. I highly recommend it. Read his books and apply what you learn. It will transform your family.


Olympic Motivational Speaker Ruben Gonzalez