The quality of your state of mind determines the quality of your results in whatever you do. The things you do first thing in the morning set your mental tone for the rest of the day. I challenge you to get radical for the next 30 days. To do something you have never done before.

If you do this for the next 30 days, you will dramatically change your attitude, your focus, your intensity, and will be a different person. Your friends and family will ask you “What happened to you?” Trust me – if you do this for 30 days, you’ll want to do it for the rest of your life.

For the next 30 days:

1. Go to bed 30 minutes earlier – no more late night TV. You’ll need to get up early tomorrow.

2. When you go to bed, think about how it will feel when you realize your dream.

3. Get up 30 minutes earlier. Don’t turn on your computer. These first 30 minutes will set the tone for the rest of your day, and the rest of your life.

4. Take a minute to write down your goals and dreams. You must write your goals down every day. Writing your goals down is an act of commitment that focuses your mind to take action (and in to be successful, action is the name of the game).

5. Take 3 minutes to write down why you want those dreams. What’s driving you? Get specific. If your why is big enough the How will take care of itself.

6. Get in front of a mirror and read your Champion’s Creed card. Read it with power and passion. Like you mean it. I’m including it below so you can print your own.

7. Close your eyes and vividly imagine what it will feel like when you actually make your dream a reality. Get all your senses involved and allow yourself to get passionate.

8. Write down the three most important things you must do today to get you closer to your dream – then do them sometime today. Many people get great results by doing this step the night before.

9. Read 15-20 minutes from a positive, inspiring, motivating book.

10. On the way to work, rather than listening to the radio, listen to a positive, inspiring, motivating self-development audio – Zig Ziglar, Les Brown, Denis Waitley, Brian Tracy, etc.

I guarantee that if you do this for the next 30 days, your life WILL change. Because your attitude will change.